→ Independent Canadian record label based in Montreal, MILAGRO RECORDS believes in putting out good records, no matter what the genre (rock, pop, country, world, electronica...).

If we like your music, we'll want to make sure that it is available to all and that everybody can access it. Through our Canadian distributor OUTSIDE MUSIC, we are able to market our products in every major and independant music stores across Canada. Moreover, we in 2007 signed an agreement with one of the most important distributor of online music in the world, which enables us to offer and sell our artists music on almost every digital portal on the planet (iTunes, etc).

→ If you want us to listen to your music, please first send us some information about yourself by email and we will let you know how to get in touch with us. Do not expect an answer back from us. Please do not email MP3's, as they will not be listened to and will be deleted. Thank you.



info (at) milagrorecords (dot) com